35 Years of Innovation

Building the World's Premier Teak Decking Company

Revolutionizing the Teak Decking Process

Developed in Sweden, the concept of efficiently pre-assembling modular teak decks eliminated the need to hand lay decks plank-by-plank aboard a vessel, accelerating installation time and reducing deck access restrictions.

Relocation to Southwest Florida

From Sweden, the process was moved to North America, to the Tampa Bay area, to service the burgeoning boatbuilding businesses. Acceptance of the concept was slow, but ultimately proved so successful that it nearly displaced the hand laying of teak decks.
Photo of first factory

First Superyacht

S/Y “Adix” 183’ (56 m) deck was built in 40’ (12.2 m) sections in our first facility, then transported to California and installed onsite.
Photo of sailing yacht ADIX, the first superyacht deck by Teakdecking Systems

Expansion of Facility

Steady growth required moving to a 100,000 ft2 facility and today, over 125,000 ft2 (11,600 m2) of decking are produced annually – the equivalent of four to five 164 ft (50 m) custom yachts per month.

Photo of production floor in current facility

Beginning of Product Distribution Network

After formulation of our own epoxies, we launched a new division for distribution of products. This product range grew to include globally-recognized caulk and cleaners.
Photo of all products on teak bow with water backdrop

ESOP Program

Teakdecking Systems transformed from family-owned to an employee-owned company.


Launch of Environmentally Safer Teak Cleaners

Phosphate-free cleaners that comply with MARPOL and Clean Marina programs were formulated and launched.

Clean Marina logo

Digital Design for Templates

Digital creation of deck templates (instead of traditional plywood templates) allowed for efficient onboard measurements of boats and savings of freight charges.


Evolving into Composites

To meet the demands in a changing market, TDS partnered with leaders in the composite market to offer design versatility while meeting functional requirements of decking systems.
Composite decking on a ferry boat

Celebration of 35 Years of Growth and Success

From humble beginnings, Teakdecking Systems proudly celebrated its longevity and grew its list of accomplishments with ambitious projects like 300' M/V "Voyager" (pourable synthetic) and 185' S/Y "Thalia" (teak). 


Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We do this by proposing and delivering innovative designs, unparalleled quality, and impeccable installations—all with a commitment to excellent service.


You require exceptional quality and performance from our products, and we deliver these globally to a wide range of customers: Do-it-yourself small boat owners, high-volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, major shipyards, and cruise ships.


We launched Teakdecking Systems in 1983 with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. Honoring these values created a model for success and longevity, earning your trust.

Commitment. Performance. Integrity.

An Employee-Owned Company

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