Hylas 54 Bow with aged teak deck

Recaulking a Mile of Seams

“I’d rather burn my boat to the waterline before recaulking seams again,” a boat owner said to our Sales Manager at a recent boat show. Then the boat owner laughed and said, “Of course, my family...

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Teak Decking Caulk

Teak Decking Caulking & Seam Condition

Teak decking caulking and seam condition is a critical indicator of the deck’s quality. Inspecting the caulking and seams can determine the overall deck condition, teak deck thickness, and remaining...

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Expert Tips on Teak Decking Quality

Teak decking quality is dependent on regular inspection and maintenance. To assist boat owners, Teakdecking Systems offers these expert tips on assessing a boat’s teak decking quality. Years...

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Teak Decking

Why is Teak Decking so Expensive?

Teak decking, known for its classic beauty and premier functionality, reigns as the decking choice. Many boat owners insist on it. Others are not sure, especially when they learn the cost. Why is...

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