Teakdecking Systems acquires assets of Teak Solutions SL (Barcelona)

Effective November 12, 2020, Teakdecking Systems (TD) acquired assets of Teak Solutions SL (Barcelona, Spain). TDS welcomes the Teak Solutions employees and customers and will continue to provide excellent quality and customer service.

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Technical Blog

Cleaning teak decking with ECO-100 teak decking cleaner

How to Clean Teak Decking

At Teakdecking Systems, we replace many teak decks that are damaged by improper maintenance. Remarkably, many of these decks were destroyed not through neglect, but because they were cleaned too of…
teak deck installation

Where is the deck installation performed?

Once a boat owner decides to add or replace a boat deck (in teak or composite), one of the first questions asked is: “Where do you do the deck installation?” The answer may be nearer than expected….

Composite Decking – “Wood” You Know the Difference?

Marilyn DeMartini, Guest Writer…Teak is the marine industry “gold standard” for flooring and cabinetry. However, technology and material improvements in composite materials are causing builde…
composite decking or synthetic teak decking on sailboat

How to Compare Teak and Composite Decking

Teakdecking Systems (TDS) offers legally sourced superyacht-quality Southeast Asian teak and high-end polyurethane composite decking. Boat owners often ask us how to compare teak and composite deck…
ffe-200 marine epoxy for fairing

How to use FFE-200 Marine Epoxy for Fairing

Teakdecking Systems’ FFE-200 Marine Epoxy is well-known for securely bonding modular teak decking systems to large and small vessels. The product’s secondary purpose – fairing – is a secret worth d…
Photo of teak decking bow with fresh sand out

How to Extend the Life of Teak Decking

Extend the life of teak decking and protect your investment with regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. The ultimate decking choice is teak because of its durability, anti-slip properties, rot…


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