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Motor Yachts

The great diversity of motor yachts - from small production center consoles and sport cruisers, sport fishermen to super and giga-yachts - requires a teak decking company that understands the styling and structural requirements of each type. Having built over 20,000 teak decks for all types of motor yachts, Teakdecking Systems has the knowledge and background to assist designers, boatyards and owners to create proper, long lasting teak decks for their vessels.


In the design phase, we work with the designers to write specifications that will result in a well founded teak deck. We then review such details as hatch sizes and locations, camber, and drainage systems. To ensure that the teak deck stays bonded and the structural sub-deck stays protected, we make suggestions about the fastening system, which is dependent on the material in structural deck. Many designers of larger yachts are eschewing the traditional fore & aft layout of the teak planking for intricate designs or inlays of corporate & family logos, compass roses, bill fish, and other specialty designs. Using our intimate knowledge of wood and wood working, we assist in refining their ideas into practical solutions.


During the construction phase, we periodically inspect the vessel when necessary to make sure that the structural decks are being properly faired, the hatches are correctly located and aligned, and the drain and waterway details are befitting. On refit projects, we make templates, and catalog the existing teak deck's styling with photographs before the old deck is removed. This allows us to accurately reproduce the deck's original detailing. For yachts under construction, we make the templates after the fairing has been completed. Once we have the templates, we build the deck components in our factory, away from the boat or shipyard. This keeps us out of the way, and allows the yard to continue their work without our interruption.


The installation of Teakdecking Systems' teak decks takes place in an efficient and timely manner, because of our panel system and pre-shaped margin trim, hatch trim and king planks. Thus, we are only tying up the yard's facilities for the shortest time, while causing a minimum amount of dust and interference. Depending on the situation and customer requirements, we can install the decks in a traditional manner, using fasteners; mechanically fastening the margins and using bars across the panels to eliminate fasteners and plugs in the field of the deck; or using advanced vacuum bag techniques for the lower weight and completely fastenless look.


The quality of our teak decks and continuous service are what make Teakdecking Systems the leader in the teak decking industry, and the reason you should contact us for your teak deck requirements.



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